EORI Assistance

HLMSW Build 8.01 resolves a problem that has been plaguing all companies exporting packages into the European Union (especially post-Brexit). To avoid delays in customs clearance, exporters must include an Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI) with their shipments.

To assist HLMSW users in this process, the Delivery Address screen now includes a new Import/Tax Code section which you can use to store EORI numbers (and other mandatory delivery codes) quickly and easily.

The new options are available here:

If you have multiple accounts for the same delivery address, you can select a previously entered code by clicking on the icon to the right of the number (the Company Name, Postal Code and Country must be the same).

When sending, the value is displayed on the consignment screen here:

and the value can be printed on forms using the DIMPORT field of the Consignment table.

For B2B orders, EORI numbers will be included with your request, and changes to Zinfonia to ask your customers for this information will be available in the coming months.

This update also includes a new feature for multi-domain HLMSW systems where you can now use different email hosts for different companies.

As this is a major upgrade, please contact us to arrange installation.

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Chordata is coming!

Later this year, BTMI will be offering an online platform that we believe will revolutionize music publishing.

Chordata has been created by music publishers for music publishers to provide a complete framework to tackle almost every aspect of music publishing in the 21st century.

Suitable for any size business, Chordata has a unique architecture that manages the complicated relationship between your composers, the works they create and the products you licence or distribute. In particular, the system has been created with an eye to our digital future and provides much better ways to manage all of your assets and contracts.

Chordata is closely integrated in all aspects of the BTMI family including HLMSW, Zinfonia, in© and the UIC, but is also able to link directly to 3rd party systems like Newzik, forScore, and Magento for publishing direct to your website.

For more information check out chordatamusic.com

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Zinfonia Changes

This week we published a major update to Zinfonia that contains a number of changes which are outlined below.

Gender-based Composer Searches

Composer records in Zinfonia now have a designation to identify composers by their gender (either male, female or non-binary) . We have gone through all of our 11k+ composers to provide this information, but we ask all publishers to make sure that we have categorised all of your composers correctly.

See https://www.zinfonia.com/zComposers.aspx for more information

Better Support for Recordings/Broadcast and Streaming

In the order process, when the users are prompted to provide information about recording, broadcast and streaming details, they must now select ALL of the recording types they need permission to use.

New Recording Information Screen

This information is included in Zinfonia orders immediately below the performance details:

Support for Newzik and Digital Downloads

Publishers can now direct their customers to request digital materials instead of printed materials or as an adjunct to them.

For these options to be displayed, publishers must select Newzik as a delivery option or the nkoda Publisher ID in the Publisher Details screen for EACH publisher:

Go to https://www.zinfonia.com/zPubList.aspx to view this information

The details of what digital options are entered by the customer in the Performing Materials section of a Zinfonia order.

Special Newzik options

For publishers that are represented on the Newzik platform, there is a shortcut to quickly enable or disable Newzik for ALL publisher entries via the option below on the Publisher Settings page

Go to https://www.zinfonia.com/zPubOrderSettings.aspx to change this

Note: When Newzik as a delivery option is selected, a copy of the order is sent to Newzik directly.

For the customer to be presented with Newzik options, they must enter their Newzik email address in designated section the My Account details below:

Go to https://www.zinfonia.com/zMyAccount.aspx to view this option

Better Support for in©

in© (https://www.incopyright.com) is our new platform for copyright clearances, and with your in© account you can now harness all of its features directly from within Zinfonia.

To connect your Zinfonia Publisher account to in©, you must enter your Authority ID in the publisher settings option here:

Goto https://www.zinfonia.com/zPubOrderSettings.aspx for this option

Contact BTMI for more information about getting an in© Authority ID. While the service is in Beta, no charges are required to access this service.

You have the option to select if your want to use the service to process Grand Right requests (ballet/opera etc) and/or Recording/Broadcast requests. When selected, as part of the order process when a customer enters an order that needs permissions for grand rights and/or recording, they will be required to enter these details directly on in© (a new request will be automatically created).

If you do not select those check boxes, then only the Request Permission option alongside the work will take them to in© where they must nominate the type of permission they want to request.

See this in Action

I will be showing all of these new options in an online session in the 2021 MOLA Conference. on Friday May 28 commencing at 10:00am EDT/15:00 BST/16:00 CEST.

Click here for details

You can also submit an order for any work published by Zinfonia to see how this works from the customer’s point of view.

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Searching Zinfonia with JSON

A lot of work has gone into the Zinfonia search engine, and all Zinfonia publishers can now take advantage of a brand new toolkit for your public websites and internal systems that will allow you to search for 10,000 composers and more than 141,000 works effortlessly.

The new search is based on a simple REST-based protocol using the industry standard JSON for the request and response data, making it ideal for use in most modern web-based systems.

The new system is fast and very easy to use, and is designed to replace the older iframe technologies that have been used on websites by many publishers.

To see it in action, click here

Access to this service requires a special token which is available, along with documentation from BTMI on request.

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HLMSW Build 8.00 (Build 9.00)

The changes in the EU membership has created a number of challenges for our UK users, particularly with the movement of materials between the UK and the EU. While we are working with those affected directly on solutions related to their business, we have made a few changes to HLMSW to assist all users.

EU or not EU?

With EU membership always changing, HLMSW now displays the EU button in the Account screen ONLY when the account is an EU Member. The button is GREY if no valid EU Tax ID is entered. HLMSW will maintain the EU countries for you, but this does mean you need to update your HLMSW whenever the membership changes.

EU Filters and Browses

A common requirement is the ability have browses or rules that are based on the EU status of the account. Now with the ACNTRYCODE form field, when using the IN comparison, you can select the European Union from the provided list.

Other changes…

There are a number of other changes to HLMSW in this version including:

  • Overdue Zinfonia Orders are now ONLY displayed by default to System Administrators or users with the All Companies permission (any Zinfonia order that has not been actioned within 3 days is automatically visible to all users). You can now toggle the view of any system-wide overdue orders with the new check box that always displays the number of overdue items.
  • The HLMSW Blog feed has moved to btmi.com.au
  • Direct in© Links to generate new incopyright.com requests are now available from within HLMSW
  • Performance Export routines have to been enhanced to allow for the regular emailing of almost any type of HLMSW data automatically.

Contact us for details.

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Zinfonia 2020 Review

Most Requested works in 2020

*Note: Due to the Covid-19 crisis, this year’s Zinfonia statistics represent a list of works requested and not necessarily performed as the majority of all orders placed on the system were later withdrawn.

  • Aaron Copland Appalachian Spring. Suite [Chamber Version] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Aaron Copland Appalachian Spring. Suite [Orchestral Version] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Arturo Márquez Danzon No. 2 (Peermusic Classical) attach
  • Igor Stravinsky Pulcinella. Suite (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Joan Tower Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman, No. 1 (Associated Music Publishers) attach
  • Carl Orff Carmina Burana (Schott Music) attach
  • Richard Strauss Metamorphosen [23 Strings] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Samuel Barber Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (G. Schirmer) attach
  • Modest Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition; arr. [Ravel] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Leonard Bernstein West Side Story. Symphonic Dances (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Florence Price Symphony No. 1 in e minor (G. Schirmer) attach
  • Aaron Copland Appalachian Spring. Ballet [13 Instruments] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • William Schuman New England Triptych (Merion Music, Inc.) attach
  • Igor Stravinsky Soldier’s Tale (L’Histoire du Soldat), The (Chester Music) attach
  • Joaquín Rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez (Schott Music Mainz / Ediciones Joaquín Rodrigo) attach
  • Max Richter Four Seasons Recomposed, The (Chester Music) attach
  • Béla Bartók Concerto for Orchestra (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Aaron Copland Clarinet Concerto [Standard Version] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • John Rutter Requiem [ensemble version] (Oxford University Press) attach
  • Sergey Rachmaninov Symphonic Dances [Full Orchestra] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Maurice Ravel Concerto en Sol (Editions Durand) attach
  • Ástor Piazzolla The Four Seasons in Buenos Aires (Warner Chappell) attach
  • Erich Wolfgang Korngold Konzert D-Dur (Schott Music) attach
  • George Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin Music) attach
  • Igor Stravinsky Concerto in E-flat (G. Schirmer) attach
  • George Antheil Symphony No. 3 “American” (G. Schirmer) attach
  • Ruo Huang the Girl From the Da Ban City (G. Ricordi & Co. (London)) attach
  • Sergey Rachmaninov Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Arvo Pärt Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten (Universal Edition) attach
  • Ástor Piazzolla Cuatro Estaciones Portenas; arr. [Violin & Str] (Faber Music/Warner Chappell) attach
  • Benjamin Britten Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Igor Stravinsky Petrushka [Revised] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Béla Bartók Divertimento (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Igor Stravinsky Concerto en mib (Schott Music) attach
  • Dmitri Shostakovich Chamber Symphony, Op. 110a (Sikorski/G.Schimer) attach
  • Sergey Prokofiev Classical Symphony (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Benjamin Britten Les Illuminations (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams Lark Ascending [full version], The (Oxford University Press) attach
  • William Grant Still Afro-American Symphony (Novello & Co) attach
  • Leonard Bernstein On the Town. 3 Dance Episodes (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Samuel Barber Knoxville, Summer of 1915, Op. 24 (G. Schirmer) attach
  • Alberto Ginastera Variaciones concertantes (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • John Adams Shaker Loops, for Strings (Associated Music Publishers) attach
  • Zoltán Kodály Tänze aus Galanta (Universal Edition) attach
  • Alberto Ginastera Estancia. Dances (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Arvo Pärt Fratres (Universal Edition) attach
  • Benjamin Britten Simple Symphony (Chester Music) attach
  • Richard Strauss Four Last Songs (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Igor Stravinsky Soldier’s Tale: Suite (Chester Music) attach
  • José Pablo Moncayo Huapango (Peermusic Classical) attach
  • Osvaldo Golijov Last Round (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Ottorino Respighi Pini di Roma [Pines of Rome] (Casa Ricordi) attach
  • Rodion Shchedrin Carmen Suite (after Georges Bizet) (Sikorski/G.Schimer) attach
  • Darius Milhaud Création Du Monde (La) (Eschig) attach
  • György Ligeti Concert Românesc (Schott Music) attach
  • Dmitri Shostakovich Concerto for Piano No. 2, Op. 102 (Dmitri Shostakovich Estate) attach
  • Gabriela Lena Frank Leyendas: An Andean Walkabout (G. Schirmer) attach
  • George Gershwin An American in Paris (Gershwin Music) attach
  • Howard Blake Snowman (Concert Version), The (Chester Music) attach
  • Max Richter On the Nature of Daylight (Chester Music) attach
  • Gustav Mahler 4. Symphonie (Universal Edition) attach
  • Igor Stravinsky Symphonies of Wind Instruments [Revised 1947] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Igor Stravinsky Suites 1 and 2 for Small Orchestra (Chester Music) attach
  • Leonard Bernstein Candide. Overture [Standard Concert Version] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Ottorino Respighi Trittico botticelliano (Casa Ricordi) attach
  • Francis Poulenc Concerto en sol mineur (Salabert) attach
  • Aaron Copland El Salón México (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Arturo Márquez Conga del Fuego Nuevo (Peermusic Classical) attach
  • Benjamin Britten The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Benjamin Britten Four Sea Interludes (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Florence Price Symphony No. 3 in c minor (G. Schirmer) attach
  • John Adams Short Ride in a Fast Machine (Boosey & Hawkes (Hendon)) attach
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams Concerto for Tuba (Oxford University Press) attach
  • Benjamin Britten Serenade (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Benjamin Britten The Turn of the Screw (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Fanny Hensel Overture in C Major (Carl Fischer Music) attach
  • Grazyna Bacewicz Koncert na orkiestrę smyczkową (PWM Edition) attach
  • Igor Stravinsky Apollon musagète [Revised] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Igor Stravinsky Concerto in D (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • John Adams Chairman Dances: Foxtrot for Orchestra, The (Associated Music Publishers) attach
  • Nathaniel Stookey The Composer is Dead (Associated Music Publishers) attach
  • Ottorino Respighi Antiche danze ed arie per liuto (Casa Ricordi) attach
  • Einojuhani Rautavaara Cantus arcticus (Fennica Gehrman) attach
  • Gustav Mahler Sinfonie Nr. 5 (Edition Peters) attach
  • Igor Stravinsky The Rite of Spring [1911-13, rev.1947] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Jacques Ibert Divertissement (Editions Durand) attach
  • Paul Hindemith Symphonic Metamorphosis (Schott Music) attach
  • Anna Clyne Within Her Arms (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Arvo Pärt Fratres (Universal Edition) attach
  • Darius Milhaud Bœuf Sur Le Toit (Le) (Eschig) attach
  • Francis Poulenc Sinfonietta (Chester Music) attach
  • Maurice Ravel Boléro (Editions Durand) attach
  • Arnold Schönberg Verklärte Nacht (Universal Edition) attach
  • George Gershwin Concerto in F (Gershwin Music) attach
  • Gian Carlo Menotti Amahl and the Night Visitors, Opera (G. Schirmer) attach
  • Igor Stravinsky Pulcinella. Ballet [Revised] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Jacques Ibert Concertino da Camera (Éditions Alphonse Leduc) attach
  • Jacques Ibert Flute Concerto (Éditions Alphonse Leduc) attach
  • Leonard Bernstein Serenade (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  • Sergey Prokofiev Violin Concerto No.2 in G minor (Boosey & Hawkes) attach

20 Most Performed Composers in 2020

  • Aaron Copland attach
  • Leonard Bernstein attach
  • Igor Stravinsky attach
  • George Gershwin attach
  • Benjamin Britten attach
  • John Rutter attach
  • Dmitri Shostakovich attach
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams attach
  • Richard Strauss attach
  • Florence Price attach
  • Sergey Prokofiev attach
  • Samuel Barber attach
  • Gustav Mahler attach
  • Igor Stravinsky attach
  • Béla Bartók attach
  • Arvo Pärt attach
  • Richard Rodgers attach
  • Maurice Ravel attach
  • Sergey Rachmaninov attach
  • Jean Sibelius attach

Zinfonia Composers who died in 2020

  • Blas Atehortúa 
    (22.x.1943 — 5.i.2020) 
  • Edward Applebaum 
    (28.ix.1937 — 7.i.2020) 
  • Algis Bražinskas 
    (12.xi.1937 — 29.i.2020) 
  • Tamás Sulyok 
    (19.v.1930 — 4.ii.2020) 
  • Volker David Kirchner 
    (25.vi.1942 — 4.ii.2020) 
  • Sergey Slonimsky 
    (12.viii.1932 — 9.ii.2020) 
  • Marvin P Feinsmith 
    (4.xii.1932 — 9.ii.2020) 
  • Sorrel Hays 
    (6.viii.1941 — 9.ii.2020) 
  • Lyle Mays 
    (27.xi.1953 — 10.ii.2020) 
  • Charles Wuorinen 
    (9.vi.1938 — 11.iii.2020) 
  • Gerard Schurmann 
    (19.i.1924 — 24.iii.2020) 
  • Krzysztof Penderecki 
    (23.xi.1933 — 29.iii.2020) 
  • Claudio Spies 
    (26.iii.1925 — 2.iv.2020) 
  • Dmitry Smirnov 
    (2.xi.1948 — 9.iv.2020) 
  • Alexander Vustin 
    (24.iv.1943 — 19.iv.2020) 
  • Vytautas Barkauskas 
    (25.iii.1931 — 25.iv.2020) 
  • Dietmar Polaczek 
    (26.x.1942 — 7.v.2020) 
  • Miroslav Skorik 
    (13.vii.1938 — 1.vi.2020) 
  • Marcello Abbado 
    (7.x.1926 — 4.vi.2020) 

  • Jack Fortner 
    (1935 — 25.vi.2020) 
  • Marga Richter 
    (21.x.1926 — 25.vi.2020) 
  • Nikolay Kapustin 
    (22.xi.1937 — 2.vii.2020) 
  • Ennio Morricone 
    (10.xi.1928 — 6.vii.2020) 
  • Sukhi Kang 
    (22.x.1934 — 16.viii.2020) 
  • Paul Méfano 
    (6.iii.1937 — 15.ix.2020) 
  • Jacques-Louis Monod 
    (25.ii.1927 — 21.ix.2020) 
  • Isidora Žebeljan 
    (27.ix.1967 — 29.ix.2020) 
  • Arthur Wills 
    (19.ix.1926 — 30.x.2020) 
  • Volodimir Huba 
    (22.xii.1938 — 3.xii.2020) 
  • Jaan Rääts 
    (15.x.1932 — 25.xii.2020) 
  • Paul-Heinz Dittrich 
    (4.xii.1930 — 28.xii.2020) 

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in© is coming!


BTMI’s new copyright management platform called in© (www.incopyright.com) will be entering its beta phase very shortly at which time will be writing to all of our publisher partners to invite them to take a closer look.

The new platform works very closely with Zinfonia to make all aspects of managing copyright & licencing permissions easier.

To give you a quick overview of what to expect, check out these videos

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Help is on the Way

BTM recently upgraded their help systems to improve client services, especially with the plans for expansion in the coming months.

To make this work, we would ask all clients to use the following email addresses for any assistance for any of our platforms:
help@btmi.com.au for general enquiries or for the UIC
help@btmi.com.au for any HLMSW-based request
help@zinfonia.com for any Zinfonia-based requests (this is also the address you can share with your clients if they have any Zinfonia-related enquiries)
help@incopyright.com for the new In© platform that will be launched later this year

You can of course continue to contact us directly, but if the request is of a technical nature, we may forward it on to our help system to make sure that the requests are answered in a timely manner.

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Vale David Daniels

I was very sad to hear of the passing of David Daniels, conductor and musicologist this month.

We meet briefly at the 2017 MOLA conference in San Diego where he announced his retirement from his Orchestral Music project, a publication (and now a website) that assisted and inspired a generation of musicologists, librarians and performers. I see that the first edition of his tome was published almost 50 years ago, and its significance in those times and since cannot be understated.

David Daniels
Peter Grimshaw and David Daniels, MOLA San Diego 2017

His work was the gold-standard of accuracy, and his development of what I consider to be the most readable form of orchestration concatenations (2 2 2 2 – 4 3 3 1 – strings) known as the “Daniels Format” now sits deservedly at the summit of such representations.

My creation of both Zinfonia and the UIC was inspired by Daniels work, and I hope that these will compliment his contributions in the decades to come.

Thank you Dave.

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Zinfonia exceeds 50k users

Zinfonia celebrated this week an important milestone as our number of users passed the landmark of 50k registrations. Zinfonia today hosts more than 135k titles by 10.5k composers from 250 imprints which are accessed in six languages by performers, librarians, publishers and scholars from 130 countries.

The Zinfonia team of Peter Grimshaw, Ulrich Steffen Eck and Joanne Hayley would like to take this opportunity to thank our publisher and distributor partners for their support as we strive to ensure that Zinfonia remains the primary destination for published performance materials across the globe.

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