Zinfonia global usage

One of the most compelling reasons for publishers to become a part of the Zinfonia family due to the possibilities of global engagement.

Zinfonia is currently used by musicians, administrators and librarians in 97 countries around the world as can be seen here:

Never before has it been possible to report in real time where in the world your titles are connecting with local audiences, even with agencies that act on your behalf.

Zinfonia recently added a few more tools to help you look at your Zinfonia presence from a global perspective like the Global Performances view which you can find in the Transaction Activity Charts option of the Reports section of the Publisher portal.

A similar view (currently only available to to publishers and composers and their representatives) with performances of a single composer is displayed on their Zinfonia composers page. Of course not all performances are captured by Zinfonia, but as an information resource, this will continue to grow and improve over time.

These views are also available for inclusion in your web resources. Contact BTMI for more information.

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