A RFID Future

Modern libraries have been using barcoding technology for decades, but there is one solution in common use that is now within the financial reach of us all and that is passive RFID.

rfidRFID is a wireless technology that allows you read and write information held on battery-less paper-like tags without actually physically touching the products.

With this technology you could perform stocktakes by simply walking past stacks of music, or count complete sets of orchestral and vocal materials being sent or returned in a single pass.  Now that these RFID tags can be purchased for just a few cents and readers can be purchased for as little as $40, the economics of adding a RFID tag to every single sheet of music in your library makes sense.

It is planned that coming versions of HLMSW will harness these technologies based on cheaper ISO15693 (for single item scanning) or more advanced ISO18000 protocols (for batch scanning).

Interested in learning more?  Contact BTMI for more information.

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