UIC Footnotes

One important new feature with the introduction of the UIC is the concept of Instrumental footnotes.  Footnotes are useful for textual descriptions that supplement the UIC to indicate special requirements, to list actual percussion or some other requirement important to that part/player.

For example, if you wanted to indicate that the Offstage Trumpet is only required in Act 3, it is not really possible to this any other way than with a footnote.

In HLMSW, you would accomplish this in this way:

  1. Add a New Instrument
  2. Search and select Trumpet
  3. Add the Domain On-Stage
  4. Click on the Add or Edit button to make sure that the UIC is registered
  5. Select 7. Footnotes from the Family dropdown
  6. Select a Footnote type from the Genus drop down
  7. Use the Left/Right buttons to add or remove repeated characters
  8. Click on the Add button to add the footnote
  9. Click on the footnote symbol to place a copy in the UIC footnotes section
  10. Include a description in the UIC Footnotes section

Note: It is important that you cannot add a Footnote as the first item in a UIC – you MUST enter an instrument first.

2016-11-24_8-30-19Footnotes are visible on the orchestration window via the Show information button, and you can nominate whether or not this information is printed on any form.


As footnotes cannot be translated, it is recommended to always include English text.

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