Automated Performance Exports

Version 8 of HLMSW introduced a number of new features, with one most requested being an easier/better way to share HLMSW performance data with external systems like website performance calendars and for collection societies.  While you can create lists with browses and forms, it is no easy task to produce a list with JUST performances arranged by date.  So we created a Performance Export routine available for HLMSW Administrators using the button here:

As good as this is, I was asked a number of times how it may be possible to automate the creation of these export files, and to this end we have bundled a new utility with the imaginative name HLMSW Performance Export with the most recent version of the Configuration editor which does just that.

The design of program is very simple:

You can select various options to save details to a file or as an email which can be executed directly from the command line in batch files or as a scheduled task.  The above options are represented by the command:

“D:\HLMSW\HLMSW Config\PerfExport\HLMSWPerfExport.exe” / /CAU,NZ /LC /PL

Not that you need to know this,.  Just click on the Command Line box to get the text you need to insert into your batch file or scheduled task.

Selecting performances in the past would be the normal practice for the collection societies, and future performances are what promotion departments and calendar feeds need.  One important feature of this list is that whenever it is generated, the performances are checked to make sure that any changes to the performance details are included in the exports.

It is even possible to change what information is exported, but that will probably require a little assistance from us.

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