nkoda starts now

My appointment as Director of Music for the nkoda digital sheet music streaming service was announced today (click here to view the press release) and this marks a really amazing new opportunity for me to participate in this new age of music publishing.

There are many reasons why I believe that the nkoda model will succeed, but it is clear that when we achieve our goals, it will be a win for both publishers and consumers.

Publishers will be able to work with a platform built for them, which can host all of their content efficiently and securely and generate income whenever it is used.

For consumers of music, the barriers of geography, availability and price are gone, and the dream of universal access will finally be a reality.

Exciting times indeed!

Here at btmi.com.au, I will chronicling this journey.  Over the next few months I will aim to keep you informed about our progress as well as sharing tips to get the most out of your nkoda participation.  So if you have not already, bookmark this space.

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