Zinfonia 2019 Review

Zinfonia most performed titles in 2019

Florence Price © University of Arkansas Libraries Special Collections

  1. Arturo Márquez Danzon No. 2 (Peermusic Classical) attach
  2. Modest Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition; arr. [Ravel] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  3. Carl Orff Carmina Burana (Schott Music) attach
  4. Aaron Copland Appalachian Spring. Suite [Orchestral Version] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  5. Aaron Copland Appalachian Spring. Suite [Chamber Version] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  6. Leonard Bernstein West Side Story. Symphonic Dances (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  7. Béla Bartók Concerto for Orchestra (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  8. Florence Price Symphony No. 1 in e minor (G. Schirmer) attach
  9. Samuel Barber Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (G. Schirmer) attach
  10. John Rutter Requiem [ensemble version] (Oxford University Press) attach
  11. Benjamin Britten The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  12. Gian Carlo Menotti Amahl and the Night Visitors, Opera (G. Schirmer) attach
  13. Sergey Rachmaninov Symphonic Dances [Full Orchestra] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  14. Sergey Rachmaninov Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  15. Ottorino Respighi Pini di Roma [Pines of Rome] (Casa Ricordi) attach
  16. Joaquín Rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez (Schott Music Mainz / Ediciones Joaquín Rodrigo) attach
  17. Howard Blake Snowman (Concert Version), The (Chester Music) attach
  18. Ralph Vaughan Williams Lark Ascending [full version], The (Oxford University Press) attach
  19. Benjamin Britten Four Sea Interludes (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  20. José Pablo Moncayo Huapango (Peermusic Classical) attach
  21. George Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin Music) attach
  22. Igor Stravinsky Petrushka [Revised] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  23. Maurice Ravel Boléro (Editions Durand) attach
  24. Zoltán Kodály Tänze aus Galanta (Universal Edition) attach
  25. Igor Stravinsky Pulcinella. Suite (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  26. Joan Tower Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman, No. 1 (Associated Music Publishers) attach
  27. Mack Wilberg Joy to the World [orch] [Index No. 273] (Oxford University Press) attach
  28. Erich Wolfgang Korngold Konzert D-Dur (Schott Music) attach
  29. Leonard Bernstein Candide. Overture [Standard Concert Version] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  30. Maurice Ravel Concerto en Sol (Editions Durand) attach
  31. Arturo Márquez Conga del Fuego Nuevo (Peermusic Classical) attach
  32. Max Richter Four Seasons Recomposed, The (Chester Music) attach
  33. Alberto Ginastera Estancia. Dances (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  34. Leonard Bernstein Chichester Psalms [Full Version] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  35. Aaron Copland Clarinet Concerto [Standard Version] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  36. Florence Price Symphony No. 3 in c minor (G. Schirmer) attach
  37. Leonard Bernstein Glitter and Be Gay (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  38. Samuel Barber Knoxville, Summer of 1915, Op. 24 (G. Schirmer) attach
  39. Ástor Piazzolla The Four Seasons in Buenos Aires (Warner Chappell) attach
  40. Paul Hindemith Symphonic Metamorphosis (Schott Music) attach
  41. Sergey Prokofiev Violin Concerto No.2 in G minor (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  42. John Adams Short Ride in a Fast Machine (Boosey & Hawkes (Hendon)) attach
  43. Richard Strauss Four Last Songs (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  44. Francis Poulenc Gloria (Salabert) attach
  45. Aaron Copland El Salón México (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  46. William Grant Still Afro-American Symphony (Novello & Co) attach
  47. Igor Stravinsky Soldier’s Tale (L’Histoire du Soldat), The (Chester Music) attach
  48. Richard Strauss Der Rosenkavalier. Suite (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  49. Aaron Copland Lincoln Portrait (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  50. Arvo Pärt Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten (Universal Edition) attach
  51. Dmitri Shostakovich Concerto No. 1 for Violoncello and Orchestra – (Dmitri Shostakovich Estate) attach
  52. Leonard Bernstein On the Town. 3 Dance Episodes (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  53. Dmitri Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 in D minor, Op. 47 (Dmitri Shostakovich Estate) attach
  54. George Gershwin An American in Paris (Gershwin Music) attach
  55. Gustav Mahler Sinfonie Nr. 5 (Edition Peters) attach
  56. Jean Sibelius Symphony No. 5 (Edition Wilhelm Hansen) attach
  57. John Adams Chairman Dances: Foxtrot for Orchestra, The (Associated Music Publishers) attach
  58. Aaron Copland Symphony No.3 (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  59. Darius Milhaud Création Du Monde (La) (Eschig) attach
  60. Igor Stravinsky Concerto in D (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  61. John Rutter Requiem [orchestral version] (Oxford University Press) attach
  62. Richard Strauss Metamorphosen [23 Strings] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  63. Jean Sibelius Symphony No. 7 (Edition Wilhelm Hansen) attach
  64. Maurice Ravel Tzigane (Editions Durand) attach
  65. Nathaniel Stookey The Composer is Dead (Associated Music Publishers) attach
  66. Richard Strauss Oboe Concerto [Standard Version] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  67. Igor Stravinsky Firebird Suite (1919), The (Chester Music) attach
  68. Igor Stravinsky Concerto en ré (Schott Music) attach
  69. John Rutter Twelve Days of Christmas CC2 [orch][Index 107] (Oxford University Press) attach
  70. Grazyna Bacewicz Koncert na orkiestrę smyczkową (PWM Edition) attach
  71. Aaron Copland Appalachian Spring. Ballet [Original Version] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  72. Fanny Hensel Overture in C Major (Carl Fischer Music) attach
  73. Ralph Vaughan Williams Concerto for Tuba (Oxford University Press) attach
  74. Sergey Prokofiev Symphony No. 5 in B-flat major, Op. 100 (G.Schirmer/Sergei Prokofiev Estate) attach
  75. Dmitri Shostakovich Festive Overture, for Orchestra (Dmitri Shostakovich Estate) attach
  76. George Gershwin Concerto in F (Gershwin Music) attach
  77. Jean Sibelius Violin-Konzert d-Moll (Robert Lienau Musikverlag) attach
  78. William Walton Concerto for Viola [revised 1962] (Oxford University Press) attach
  79. Gabriela Lena Frank Three Latin-American Dances for Orchestra (G. Schirmer) attach
  80. Leonard Bernstein West Side Story. Overture [Full] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  81. Paul Hindemith Symphonic Metamorphosis (Schott Music) attach
  82. Sergey Prokofiev Classical Symphony (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  83. Béla Bartók Divertimento (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  84. Arturo Márquez Danzon No. 2 (Peer Music Classical) attach
  85. Francis Poulenc Concerto en sol mineur (Salabert) attach
  86. Karl Jenkins The Armed Man [Reduced Version] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  87. Missy Mazzoli Sinfonia (for Orbiting Spheres) for Orchestra (G. Schirmer) attach
  88. Paul Hindemith Symphonie „Mathis der Maler“ (Schott Music) attach
  89. Sergey Rachmaninov Symphony No.3 in A minor [Revised] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  90. Anna Clyne Masquerade (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  91. Benjamin Britten Serenade (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  92. Darius Milhaud Bœuf Sur Le Toit (Le) (Eschig) attach
  93. Leonard Bernstein West Side Story. Mambo (Concert Ending) (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  94. Ástor Piazzolla Cuatro Estaciones Portenas; arr. [Violin & Str] (Faber Music/Warner Chappell) attach
  95. Benjamin Britten Les Illuminations (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  96. Carl Orff Carmina Burana (Schott Music) attach
  97. Gabriela Lena Frank Leyendas: An Andean Walkabout (G. Schirmer) attach
  98. Manuel de Falla Amor brujo: Ritual Fire Dance, El (Chester Music) attach
  99. Alexander Arutiunian Concerto for Trumpet in E-flat Major (Sikorski/G.Schimer) attach
  100. Igor Stravinsky The Rite of Spring [1911-13, rev.1947] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach

Zinfonia most performed composers in 2019

John Rutter (Wikipedia)

  1. John Rutter attach
  2. Leonard Bernstein attach
  3. Aaron Copland attach
  4. George Gershwin attach
  5. Ralph Vaughan Williams attach
  6. Mack Wilberg attach
  7. Benjamin Britten attach
  8. Igor Stravinsky attach
  9. Dmitri Shostakovich attach
  10. Richard Strauss attach
  11. Sergey Prokofiev attach
  12. Sergey Rachmaninov attach
  13. Béla Bartók attach
  14. Samuel Barber attach
  15. Maurice Ravel attach
  16. Arturo Márquez attach
  17. Florence Price attach
  18. William Walton attach
  19. Gustav Mahler attach
  20. Paul Hindemith attach

Zinfonia Composers who died in 2019

Dominick Argento photo © Tom Berthiaume

  • Joan Guinjoan Gispert (28.xi.1931 — 1.i.2019) attach
  • John Joubert (20.iii.1927 — 7.i.2019) attach
  • Franz Erasmus Spannheimer (7.xi.1946 — 24.i.2019) attach
  • Michel Legrand (24.ii.1932 — 26.i.2019) attach
  • Jean Guillou (18.iv.1930 — 26.i.2019) attach
  • Ami Maayani (13.i.1936 — 16.ii.2019) attach
  • Dominick Argento (27.x.1927 — 20.ii.2019) attach
  • Peter Michael Braun (2.xii.1936 — 21.ii.2019) attach
  • André Previn (6.iv.1929 — 28.ii.2019) attach
  • Peter Hurford (22.xi.1930 — 3.iii.2019) attach
  • Georg Katzer (10.i.1935 — 7.iii.2019) attach
  • Michael Gielen (20.vii.1927 — 8.iii.2019) attach
  • Carlo Franci (18.vii.1927 — 22.iii.2019) attach
  • Anatolijus Šenderovas (21.viii.1945 — 25.iii.2019) attach
  • Marta Lambertini (13.xi.1937 — 25.iii.2019) attach
  • Heinz Winbeck (11.ii.1946 — 26.iii.2019) attach
  • Leslie David Reed (24.vii.1935 — 15.iv.2019) attach
  • Olivier Bernard (27.xi.1925 — 24.iv.2019) attach
  • Arif M?likov (13.ix.1933 — 9.v.2019) attach
  • Zbigniew Rudzinski (23.x.1935 — 9.v.2019) attach
  • Derek Holman (16.v.1931 — 20.v.2019) attach
  • Dennis Farnon (13.viii.1923 — 21.v.2019) attach
  • Sven-David Sandström (30.x.1942 — 10.vi.2019) attach
  • Ib Nørholm (24.i.1931 — 10.vi.2019) attach
  • Iván Erod (2.i.1936 — 24.vi.2019) attach
  • Rolf Urs Ringger (6.iv.1935 — 26.vi.2019) attach
  • Peter Westergaard (28.v.1931 — 27.vi.2019) attach
  • Boguslaw Schaeffer (6.vi.1929 — 1.vii.2019) attach
  • Michael Colgrass (22.iv.1932 — 2.vii.2019) attach
  • Byambasuren Sharav (13.xi.1952 — 15.vii.2019) attach
  • Ben Johnston (15.iii.1926 — 21.vii.2019) attach
  • Ivo Malec (30.iii.1925 — 14.viii.2019) attach
  • Roman Ledenev (4.xii.1930 — 15.viii.2019) attach
  • Mario Davidovsky (4.iii.1934 — 23.viii.2019) attach
  • Miklós Kocsár (21.xii.1933 — 29.viii.2019) attach
  • Keith Stent (26.x.1934 — 3.ix.2019) attach
  • Roger Boutry (27.ii.1932 — 7.ix.2019) attach
  • Christopher Rouse (15.ii.1949 — 21.ix.2019) attach
  • Martin Wesley-Smith (10.vi.1945 — 26.ix.2019) attach
  • Giya Kancheli (10.viii.1935 — 2.x.2019) attach
  • Wen-chung Chou (29.vi.1923 — 25.x.2019) attach
  • Hans Zender (22.xi.1936 — 22.xi.2019) attach
  • Jerry Herman (10.vii.1931 — 26.xii.2019) attach

Christopher Rouse photo © Jeffrey Herman

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