HLMSW Build 8.00 (Build 9.00)

The changes in the EU membership has created a number of challenges for our UK users, particularly with the movement of materials between the UK and the EU. While we are working with those affected directly on solutions related to their business, we have made a few changes to HLMSW to assist all users.

EU or not EU?

With EU membership always changing, HLMSW now displays the EU button in the Account screen ONLY when the account is an EU Member. The button is GREY if no valid EU Tax ID is entered. HLMSW will maintain the EU countries for you, but this does mean you need to update your HLMSW whenever the membership changes.

EU Filters and Browses

A common requirement is the ability have browses or rules that are based on the EU status of the account. Now with the ACNTRYCODE form field, when using the IN comparison, you can select the European Union from the provided list.

Other changes…

There are a number of other changes to HLMSW in this version including:

  • Overdue Zinfonia Orders are now ONLY displayed by default to System Administrators or users with the All Companies permission (any Zinfonia order that has not been actioned within 3 days is automatically visible to all users). You can now toggle the view of any system-wide overdue orders with the new check box that always displays the number of overdue items.
  • The HLMSW Blog feed has moved to btmi.com.au
  • Direct in© Links to generate new incopyright.com requests are now available from within HLMSW
  • Performance Export routines have to been enhanced to allow for the regular emailing of almost any type of HLMSW data automatically.

Contact us for details.

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