Zinfonia Changes

This week we published a major update to Zinfonia that contains a number of changes which are outlined below.

Gender-based Composer Searches

Composer records in Zinfonia now have a designation to identify composers by their gender (either male, female or non-binary) . We have gone through all of our 11k+ composers to provide this information, but we ask all publishers to make sure that we have categorised all of your composers correctly.

See https://www.zinfonia.com/zComposers.aspx for more information

Better Support for Recordings/Broadcast and Streaming

In the order process, when the users are prompted to provide information about recording, broadcast and streaming details, they must now select ALL of the recording types they need permission to use.

New Recording Information Screen

This information is included in Zinfonia orders immediately below the performance details:

Support for Newzik and Digital Downloads

Publishers can now direct their customers to request digital materials instead of printed materials or as an adjunct to them.

For these options to be displayed, publishers must select Newzik as a delivery option or the nkoda Publisher ID in the Publisher Details screen for EACH publisher:

Go to https://www.zinfonia.com/zPubList.aspx to view this information

The details of what digital options are entered by the customer in the Performing Materials section of a Zinfonia order.

Special Newzik options

For publishers that are represented on the Newzik platform, there is a shortcut to quickly enable or disable Newzik for ALL publisher entries via the option below on the Publisher Settings page

Go to https://www.zinfonia.com/zPubOrderSettings.aspx to change this

Note: When Newzik as a delivery option is selected, a copy of the order is sent to Newzik directly.

For the customer to be presented with Newzik options, they must enter their Newzik email address in designated section the My Account details below:

Go to https://www.zinfonia.com/zMyAccount.aspx to view this option

Better Support for in©

in© (https://www.incopyright.com) is our new platform for copyright clearances, and with your in© account you can now harness all of its features directly from within Zinfonia.

To connect your Zinfonia Publisher account to in©, you must enter your Authority ID in the publisher settings option here:

Goto https://www.zinfonia.com/zPubOrderSettings.aspx for this option

Contact BTMI for more information about getting an in© Authority ID. While the service is in Beta, no charges are required to access this service.

You have the option to select if your want to use the service to process Grand Right requests (ballet/opera etc) and/or Recording/Broadcast requests. When selected, as part of the order process when a customer enters an order that needs permissions for grand rights and/or recording, they will be required to enter these details directly on in© (a new request will be automatically created).

If you do not select those check boxes, then only the Request Permission option alongside the work will take them to in© where they must nominate the type of permission they want to request.

See this in Action

I will be showing all of these new options in an online session in the 2021 MOLA Conference. on Friday May 28 commencing at 10:00am EDT/15:00 BST/16:00 CEST.

Click here for details

You can also submit an order for any work published by Zinfonia to see how this works from the customer’s point of view.

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