HLMSW Invoice Due Date

In HLMSW, the Invoice Due date field is populated by a set of rules that can use EITHER the same day, week or month before or after the Date Sent, First Performance Date or Last Performance Date (the rules for which are set in HLMSW Configuration Editor under the Edit Invoice/Credit Defaults section for the primary company, or under the individual company settings for multi company setups).

In the current build of HLMSW (Build we have improved the way this works so that any changes to the source date will be reflected in the invoice due date automatically (this was not the case previously).

There may be some occasions though when you do NOT want this behaviour to occur, most commonly when you are working with transactions which are have no send by or performance dates (when the invoice due day is set to the same day the transaction is created). If you enter ANY other date in this field, then a little lock symbol will be displayed which means that the Invoice Due date is LOCKED and any other changes will not alter this date.

To remove this lock, all you need to do is either clear the date completely, or click on the lock itself and it will return to the system calculated due date.

Mandatory Email Addresses

This current build also has greater control for some delivery and accounting systems where an email address is mandatory, with a new option to force all accounts and invoice to include an email address now available.

Contact BTMI to arrange an upgrade.

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