HLMSW Versions

We currently have 2 versions of HLMSW available, and we recommend that ALL HLMSW users have the most recent version of HLMSW installed.

To see what version of HLMSW you have installed, click on menu option Help/About in HLMSW.

HLMSW Version 7.40 (Build 1.66)

This is (we hope) the very last build of version 7 of HLMSW and ALL HLMSW users should be using this version.  Most of the changes are small, but there have been major improvements in the handling of Zinfonia requests and so is a must for Zinfonia users.

There are many bug fixes as well all of which are listed by clicking on the View Update History button on the Maintenance tab in the HLMSW Configuration Editor. Another handy tip is that if you want to see what version of HLMSW you and all of your colleagues have installed (because it is VERY important that everyone has the same version), click on the View Event Logs button down the bottom of the same maintenance tab and you can see the version of everyone that has logged into HLMSW on any particular day.

Note: the HLMSW Administrator logins will always have different versions from a normal HLMSW user.

HLMSW Version 8.00 (Build 1,15)

HLMSW v8 has been a long time coming but this is one of the biggest updates to the HLMSW system since its creation.  The reason for this is that it uses a brand new classification system for your stock called the Universal Instrument Code (UIC).  There are many advantages of the UIC which have been spoken about here but it does require some work to get started.

Fortunately you can continue to use the existing methods for stock control and so you can start receiving all of the other benefits of this version straight away while the conversion process to the UIC is something that will be undertaken over time.

HLMSW v8 is available for all users now, but at the moment the UIC is available in English only.

Contact us if you want to upgrade.

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