about BTM Innovation

BTM Innovation was created in Adelaide Australia by Peter Grimshaw in 1995 to support his many software projects that now in daily use across the globe.  In 2009 he was joined by Ulrich Steffen Eck who manages the support of our vast network of publishers, librarians, musicians and administrators  in more than 100 countries.

about Peter Grimshaw

Peter Grimshaw has over 35 years of experience in music publishing, starting his career at Boosey & Hawkes’ Sydney office, where he spent 15 years as manager of the hire library. He also served as Head of Promotion and finally a Director.

In 1995, Grimshaw formed BTM Innovation, the classical music-publishing sector’s leading software development company. Today, music publishers all over the world rely on BTMI’s flagship product, HLMSW (Hire Library Management System for Windows). In April 2011, he launched the Zinfonia Music Publisher Portal (www.zinfonia.com) providing extensive resources for orchestral, operatic and chamber music, with more than 60,000 users globally. In 2014, he created a new system for the classification of instrumental parts called the Universal Instrument Code (UIC) which set to become a key component in the age of digital distribution and in 2020 a new platform for copyright clearance called in©

about Ulrich Steffen Eck

After his studies in music education for classical guitar, musicology, English literature and Slavistics, Ulrich Steffen Eck gained his first experience with HLMSW working as hire library assistant at Boosey & Hawkes Berlin in 2007. When he was then involved with the introduction of the program at Bärenreiter’s Alkor-Edition in Kassel, 2008-2009, he got to know Peter Grimshaw personally and a long-term cooperation and friendship began. Based in Sweden, he has been primarily concerned with multilingual customer support for BTMI’s products, with a particular expertise in the design and application of work flows for modern publisher distribution systems.