Ramreader becomes emREADER


One of the first initiatives from feedback gained from the European road trip is that the digital sheet music delivery platform we are working on has undergone a name change: from RamReader to emREADER (short for electronic music reader).

The three components of the service have also received some branding as well:

emreaderpublishsmA publisher interface: client and web-based software to allow publishers to create and distribute their content

emreaderprogramsmA customer interface: web-based software to allow musicians and librarians to locate, purchase material, upload their own material and manage the internal distribution (ie for orchestras)

emreaderplaysmSoftware and Hardware created specifically for the purpose of serving the emREADER content


The new website is now http://www.emreader.com (you can continue to use the old links).

Remember if you want to receive updates about this program you MUST register on the mail-list which is available at the emREADER website.

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