UIC on the Move

The number of companies and systems that use the UIC to help categorise their instrumental parts continues to grow. To ensure we provide the most reliable and speedy access to the UIC data files, we have created a new destination to access the most recent UIC data.

The UIC can now be accessed from here:


If you visit this page you will see the new endpoints for all of the files which now come in both XML and JSON formats. The results have had a few small changes, but you should be able to use these new files without any modifications to your systems.

The files will be checked every day (at 1am UTC) and updated when required.

There is a new file called status.xml/status.json which you can use to check if your data requires an update by saving the LastUpdate value in your systems.

We will be updating all of our programs that use the UIC in the coming weeks to take advantage of the new service.

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