Later this year a new service called Connect.inCopyright (CinC) will be launched to simplify the creation and management of global distribution rules for music on sale, rent or digital delivery.

A little history…

One of the great successes of the Zinfonia platform is that no matter where your customer is in the globe, their communications are sent direct to the office of the publisher or distributor that will actually handle their requests. To achieve this, Zinfonia provides tools that allow publishers to select distributors on a country-by-country basis from a curated list of publishers and distributors, all of which must agree to participate in the Zinfonia system.

Admittedly, this approach has a number of challenges due to the inherent complexity of the information which is constantly changing – not just the distribution rules but even the maps themselves on which these rules are based. Nevertheless, why should this very useful facility be restricted to JUST Zinfonia?

Introducing Connect.inCopyright

CinC is a platform where publishers can:

  • Create and maintain all global distribution rules from a central repository, drawing from a curated list of international publishers and distributors
  • provide publishers, sub-publishers and distributors facilities to maintain their own contact information to make sure that this is always up to date.
  • Access this data via a simple API so that publishers and 3rd-party developers can use the it in their own applications and processes
  • publishers have complete control over what 3rd-party systems can access their information

This new service will be used to control the distribution rules for ALL of our products (Zinfonia, HLMSW, Chordata and in©) with simple one-time setup.

We will be contacting all Zinfonia publishers once the service is running so that you can see this in operation yourself.

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