Zinfonia Global Publisher News Feed Launches in April

The global publisher newsfeed, a key new feature of Zinfonia 2.0 will be visible to all Zinfonia users from April 1st, 2024.

The global publisher news feed is a unique and free opportunity for all Zinfonia publishers to promote new composers, first performances, important anniversaries or any information that you think will be of interest to the 81k of Zinfonia users world-wide.

Every piece of news can be delivered in multiple languages and includes a clickable link that you can take your users to titles in Zinfonia for free, or to pages on your websites for a small fee.

To start creating your news feed, please head to https://www.incopyright.com/news (you will need Marketing permissions to view this page). All you will need is a headline, some text, a link to provide more information and a square image no smaller than 100 x 100 pixels.

The number news items you can submit at any time is related to the level of your Zinfonia subscription, with additional slots available for a small fee but you can can update the news items any time you like.

A preview of the news feed is available here https://www.zinfonia.com/newsfeed

Don’t Forget your Banner Ad

While you are updating this information, don’t forget to review your Zinfonia Banner ad which may be updated here: https://www.incopyright.com/banners. Zinfonia Banners are a highly visible promotional opportunity available to all Zinfonia publishers as part of your subscription.

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