Zinfonia Global Publisher News Feed is Live

The Global Publisher News Feed with content provided by our publisher partners is now visible on Zinfonia (click here to view the entire feed).

All Zinfonia publishers now can promote their catalogues and activities DIRECTLY to all active Zinfonia users by uploading banners and articles through the Marketing option of In©. As Zinfonia reaches more than 4k unique users every week, your posts will bee seen by librarians, musicians, educators and artistic personnel from all over the world.

This feature is FREE for all Zinfonia Connect publishers with an active subscription (with the number of concurrent news items being based on the level of your subscription).

When a user logs into Zinfonia, they are presented with a random selection of News Feed articles, the number of which is dependant on the platform they are using to view Zinfonia.

All news articles may be posted in several languages, and all clicks (to non-Zinfonia sites) are logged and charged at your usual rate.

Links to searches in Zinfonia are not charged, and the easiest way to create Zinfonia links is via Zinfonia Catalogue option in In©. Locate an example of a work you want to feature, and click the purple action button and use the LINKS tab and drop down to create a variety of links for this work. Note: Make sure you test all links to make sure they are OK before publishing.

Posts are promoted for a month after their release, and so if you want your posts to remain in high rotation, we recommend you update the content every month.

If you need help with this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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