Zinfonia charges in 2020

Zinfonia today features more than 135,000 titles by 10,600 composers that serves our ever-expanding community of more than 47,000 Zinfonia users in 126 countries (see our engagement map here).

The costs for publishers to use Zinfonia have not changed since the service was launched in 2011, and for us to continue to provide the level of service level we currently offer, and to bring the improvements that many of you have been asking for, we must change the way Zinfonia is charged from January 2020.

For Zinfonia Connect publishers, we are instituting a subscription-based charging scheme, the details of which are available for download here.  For publishers and distributors who only receive orders from Zinfonia may continue to do so for no charge.

To help you calculate your annual costs, we have also provided a new feature in the Zinfonia Publisher section (accessible with your Publisher Access Code) where you can view and select the Zinfonia tier you would like to subscribe to with estimates of your annual costs based on your current usage. Click here to access this resource

You can set your subscription tier at any time, but if no tier is selected prior to January 1st, 2020, we will select the tier we believe will give you the best value based on your history.

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